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February 6, 2015


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It is always important to remember to be thankful!!


So thankful this Saturday for all those in my past . . the easy cartoon-filled mornings of my youth; prior to my parents getting us busy with our outside chores or our family errands and adventures. So blissful in recollection of days spent sweeping, pulling weeds, cleaning house, building our forts, chasing our dreams or perhaps just chasing rainbows. I’m thankful for trips to the public library to get some books to read, for trips to the grocery, for road trips and weekend outings to the lakes and parks. I’m thankful for a father who worked hard all week; but never failed to spend time with his family, as he truly made it a priority. I believe he even enjoyed it, as it was never a difficult decision for him! I’m thankful for family that played board games, that made laughter as much a priority as love.  original_thank-you-heart-gift-card

I don’t remember…

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Because Life Is Hard . .

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Because Life Is Hard . ..

Because Life Is Hard . .

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Some things just hurt. They go beyond our ability to reason, to comprehend and to accept. Some things we will never be able to fully understand. The death of a child, the sudden loss of a loved one, the onslaught of tragedy or suffering or hardship which we endure just by living full lives, or the seeming unfairness and inequity of how things play out in life are all truly difficult tastes and realities to swallow. I wish I could pass along a trick which makes everything easier; but I can give you a way to make peace with what seems hard to handle, accept or process. encouraging quote (4)

Once we learn to accept that we aren’t here for ourpurposes, but that we are here by God’s choice, His design, at His timing, with the parameters and specifics of life He has assigned to us personally and exclusively for His purposes, we…

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Changing Currents . .

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Changing Currents . ..

Changing Currents . .

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Looks like Wuthering Heights out there this morning, with this misty, foggy morning we’re having. I’m enjoying the changes Winter brings; one day there’s warmth and sunshine, and the next a wet few days of cloudy chill. Change is good, it keeps us from getting used to the way things are; potentially growing quite restless from the boredom, sameness and constancy of our habits, patterns and thoughts. We are prompted by change to flow with it and to make the necessary alterations within to accommodate it.   DSCI0440

Without change, I would suppose even those things we value the most would soon meld into the growing stagnancy of our minds, thoughts and lives; thus making us a bit less appreciative and grateful for them. Change keeps us on our toes in life; it forces us to restructure, rebuild, renew and create. Change is disrupting, as it often moves us from the familiar…

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December 31, 2014

Overcoming . . The Driving Force Within

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Overcoming . .  why do we doubt our own abilities to attempt, to persevere and to ultimately overcome? Fear, anxiety, worry, regret, and all the other obstacles we perceive before us shouldn’t stop us from pursuing the life we desire; especially if we learn to give ourselves credit for all the overcoming we’ve already done! It even started long before we became aware that overcoming was what we were doing!!!


We overcame the process of childbirth, since we’re here. We then overcame the years of helplessness, in infancy and toddler-times, when we depended upon so many others to get us through. We survived that! And we then overcame growing up into childhood, one long and often painful step at a time. We went from not even being able at some point to hold up our own heads, to one day plunging forward into learning how to walk. It was a…

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Choose the Challenging Road . .

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We do ourselves no favor when we look for the easiest way out or the way of least resistance every time! I choose the stairs because I know that habitual choice does more for me than an elevator. A flight of stairs is harder, the elevator often more convenient and easier; but the stairs does something for me physically which the elevator can’t! And so, I choose the stairs most times. In all the ways life was made easy for me by choice or by circumstance, I responded with less change, less growth and less will. In every way.               imageschallenge1

When we aren’t challenged, we don’t grow, change or become stronger. Look at someone who truly has overcome significant challenges and see if you aren’t truly inspired! Life is in our challenges and how we do in fact overcome them or at least endeavor to! There isn’t much to say about…

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July 13, 2011

Be Gruntled!!!

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It’s been a while. Fifty-four days today since my last post but lots of things are happening so its time to “get cookin” again. The big delay from my last post is my project called TILT – Things I Learned Today. On July 8th I arrived at a major milepost. The project is six years at this time. Up to now it has been mostly research and formatting. Back on May 15th I actually picked up the pace and now can proudly say that all 366 days of the year have content in them. Now I have to go back, update and do the graphics on each page. Just so you know each “page” averages actually eight pages. On the 8th it was 3061 pages and 1.272 million words.

My goal now is to stay ahead of the daily turnover so that you all see finished product. As I write this, it is Gruntled Workers Day. Now, “gruntled” is not in our dictionary but there is “disgruntled.” Since “disgruntled” means “unhappy”, it would seem that there an opposite would exist so if  “dis” is a negative when we drop it, the word becomes a positive. “Gruntled” workers are those who are happy and enjoy their jobs positive.


May 20, 2011


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